The New Way to heal. grow. blossom. progress. lead. transform. give.

Upward Light Healing is a multi-faceted wellness center, focusing on our community and specializing in massage, cranial unwinding, energetic, and meditation therapies.

A place where amazing things Happen!

The story of Upward Light Healing started with a dream and vision of Founder Kara Ford. inspired by pain, tragedy, self-love and healing. 128 Pepper Place Place is now a growing community where family, friends, and the local community can heal, grow, and teach and learn new ideas about how healthcare can start with self-care.

Come and experience for yourself the amazing things happening with Kara Ford and her team at Upward Light Healing

Quiet Location

We are nestled in Pepper Square, a quiet plaza in Downtown Mesa. We are easy to find, right next to the Idea Museum and a short walk to the Arizona Museum of Natural History

Loved by customers

We provide a space where people can feel safe being vulnerable, surrender to healing experiences, and feel welcome no matter who they are or how they are feeling.

Our Location